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Western Algarve Baby Equipment Rental

Wooden cots, travel cots, high chairs, perfect prep machines and much more…

Are you travelling to the Western Algarve with little ones?

Not only is the prospect of lugging all the necessary equipment with you daunting, it is simply impossible to bring everything you need, in order to have a relaxed holiday.

  • You need to take a shower and don’t have a spare adult to hold the baby, do you put them in their cot where they can’t see you?
  • You want to prepare feeds but where can you put the baby down safely when there are tiled floors, swimming pools and stairs?

Babies born in Portugal soon learn after a few bumps, but if your baby is used to a soft carpet to land on, they may be a little more daring!

We have been there and got the t-shirt; boiling bottles in a pan, changing nappies on a towel, bathing our eldest in an ‘alguidar’ (the Portuguese word for a washing up bowl!) and using all manners of chairs/sunloungers etc to try and barricade off the stairs. Whilst we got by, it would have made the world of difference to our holidays to have had the right equipment at hand.

At one stage when our youngest two were a baby and toddler (just 15 months difference in age) the paraphernalia we had to bring with us made me feel like a pack horse! Not only was getting it through the airport stressful, I spent the whole time in the villa unable to relax and permanently had one on my hip, as I had nowhere safe to put her down, apart from in the travel cot. Too many stairs, dangerous furniture that she may try and pull up on, hard tiles if she fell back, ornaments…aaaarrghhh!

NO FEAR! Rent IT Luz is here, to supply all the essential gear for you so your holiday is a true home-from-home experience. Simply follow the steps below to choose your equipment and we will deliver it to your rental property in time for your arrival.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to the most common questions below

Our minimum rental depends on the product. Most of our items have a minimum of 5 days rental, any days above this are pro-rata’d. Push chairs however can be rented for one day.

At present we do not have a dedicated shop or office so our only option is to deliver to your rental  property or if permitted, we can deliver to the property manager’s office with prior arrangement.  Deliveries within a 5km radius are free of charge.  Please see our Delivery Information page for our full list of delivery charges.  Should the situation change we will update the information on our site!  Please note if there is no one at the property when delivery or pick up is attempted we will attempt to re-schedule and an additional fee may apply.

Safety is a primary concern when renting baby equipment. All Products are up-to-date and meet all the current European safety standards. Products are checked after use and replaced as needed. Our products are a maximum of 3 years old dependent on the item. For example, travel cots are usually replaced every two years, push chairs every three years. If we feel any item is looking worn at all it gets replaced. We only rent items we would be happy to receive ourselves.  All equipment is properly cleaned and sanitized using non-toxic products before delivery.

The safety certificates given to our travel cots are based on using the mattresses they are supplied with. It is not advised to use an additional mattress with travel cots because the sides of the cot are stretchy and a baby can become trapped between the sides and the mattress. If you wish, it is possible to rent a mattress separately, but we accept no responsibility for death or injury owing to the use of an additional mattress and additional mattresses are used at the complete risk of the client. Should you have an issue with the travel cot itself this must be taken up with the manufacturer directly.

Yes. If you need to make changes to your order please log into your account and from there you will be able to make any necessary changes. You will be able to add or remove items, change dates, delivery/ pick up times and addresses. You will receive an order change confirmation via email. Please note that all changes made within 48 hours of the delivery time should also be called in at +351 914 731 028 and are subject to availability.

Ordering as early as possible is the best way to make sure you will get what you need. As soon as you know your travelling dates book your equipment online. If travelling during holiday or summer months try booking several weeks ahead as those are the busiest times. During non holiday or summer months one to two weeks notice is sufficient. We will always try to accommodate last minute orders.

Orders placed within 48 hours of the delivery date should be made on line and also called in on +351 914 731 028.  Remember you must receive a confirmation for your order to be processed and delivered.

Minimum orders are €25 plus the respective delivery charge.

We give discounts if renting for more than 3 weeks. If wishing to rent out of season for a longer period please contact us for pricing. During peak times we are unable to offer any special long term rental deals. 

We understand that items may become grubby with use however if we have to get an item professionally cleaned because of soiling from urine, faeces, vomit or excessive food stains then the client is charged a 10 euro cleaning fee per item. If the item is permanently damaged owing to soiling then you will be charged the cost of replacement plus the loss of your damage deposit. The reason we would not return the damage deposit is if we need to take an item out of circulation we would lose the rental income for that item until such time as it can be replaced.

We accept all major credit & debit cards via Stripe payment processor. You will be charged at the time a reservation is submitted. If you need to make any changes to your order we will apply any credits or additions to the card on file. 

We understand that travel plans can change. If cancelling outside of 14 days before the arrival date there is a full refund. If cancelling between 7-14 days there is a 50% charge and if cancelling within 7 days of arrival there is no refund.

Yes!  If you have an item that has had light use and is in ‘as new’ condition then please contact us. Sometimes babies simply don’t take to certain equipment such as baby bouncers or pushchairs, but we are always happy to purchase these from you.  All items must conform to European Safety Standards.

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